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About Wildcat

Founded in 1972, Wildcat has a straightforward mission: to provide job opportunities and resources for New Yorkers to become economically independent, with a focus on the justice involved. Wildcat serves over 8000 people each year, providing workforce readiness, transitional and full time employment.


Wildcat has been a leader in helping  ex-offenders and the previously incarcerated with little solid work experience, move toward stability and promise, particularly through temporary and targeted “Transitional Employment” opportunities that afford hands-on experience under close supervision.


Each year, Wildcat connects thousands of job-seekers with jobs ranging from entry-level to middle-management positions, full-time to flexible hours, and placements at small businesses to national companies. Wildcat works actively to partner with specific industries and employers to expand the numbers of available jobs.


Wildcat’s Neighborhood Improvement Program (NIP) provides outdoor commercial and residential cleanup services in their districts. Wildcat’s 15 crews, which include 55-60 participants, perform a wide range of cleaning services, including a new service designed to assist senior citizens with snow removal. Other innovative services for senior citizens are currently in development. The Neighborhood Improvement Program has succeeded in building close working relationships with at least 15 Council Members, who are grateful for our customized service plans tailored to the unique needs of their districts.