Jails to Jobs

Launched in April 2018 Jails to Jobs is a collaborative initiative of the Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice that seeks to provide all individual’s over 22 years old with a recent history of incarceration with paid, short-term transitional employment and job placements, retention milestones as well as case management supportive services.

Fedcap J2J works with the Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice and community partners to provide supportive services related to employment. Participants are referred to appropriate agencies for services and to can be referred to Wildcat facilities maintenance programs and private employers for transitional jobs.

Jails to Jobs is part of NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio’s ten-year plan to shutter the city jails on Rikers Island by reducing the jail population, combating recidivism, and opening or expanding borough-based facilities. “Everyone leaving city jails after serving a sentence will be offered paid, short-term transitional employment to help with securing a long-term job,” the mayor said in announcing the program.