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Our Commitment

Our Commitment

New York City has always been a place of great ingenuity and opportunity.  But today, too many New Yorkers are being left behind:

  • 174,000 public assistance cases
  • 165,000 young adults not working or going to school
  • 73,824 people in NYC on parole or probation
  • 21,000 homeless adults, most of whom are looking for work
  • Persisting discrimination against ex-offenders, even though it’s against the law

Many of our customers face significant obstacles to finding steady or satisfying work.  Some are low-income adults eagerly looking to get off of public assistance, fighting generations of poverty.  Others are disconnected youth wanting to get back on track.  For years, ex-offenders have been coming to Wildcat willing to work hard for a second chance.  Many have yet to experience what it feels like to get into the groove of a first job or the satisfaction from mastering an important task.


The recession has made it even harder for low-income and minority New Yorkers to find jobs and achieve long-term stability.  Not all groups have felt the recession equally.  Unemployment rates for minorities and younger groups have risen much higher and faster than for the general public.


Alongside our customers, Wildcat is dedicated to breaking through barriers, boosting livelihoods and surging past challenging circumstances.  Our customers also build on critical feelings of self-worth, self-determination, confidence and fuller integration with the larger community.