NYC City Council Member Partnerships

Working in partnership with NYC Council Members and members of the New York State Senate, NIP crews have improved business districts and neighborhoods throughout New York City and enhanced the quality of life for district residents.
The following testimonials are from Council Members and residents of districts where Wildcat crews are on the job.
  • Council Member Barry Grodenchik, District 23, Queens–“Wildcat has been an incredible partner in helping to keep the streets of Eastern Queens clean. They work with my office to handle an assortment of quality of life issues, from trash collection to removal of illegal street signs.
  • Council Member Donovan Richards Jr., District 31, Queens—”Wildcat’s partnership with our office has been a resounding success for the quality of life in District 31. When we call, they jump into action and immediately improve the situation to keep our neighborhoods in the beautiful condition that our residents deserve. I happily funded NIP to help keep our district clean based on their strong track record of community improvement. I am proud to sponsor such a hard-working organization dedicated to the wellbeing and quality of life of our city.”
  • Council Member I. Daneek Miller, District 27, Queens–“The importance of the work that Wildcat has undertaken cannot be overstated. We have seen ‘the power of possible’ as our streets are made cleaner and the quality of life in our community is increased.”
  • Council Member Jimmy Van Bramer, District 26, Queens–“The defamation of a monument to those who have served our country is a disgrace that I will not accept. I am grateful to have teamed up with Wildcat to clean graffiti off the veterans’ memorial at John Vincent Daniels Park in Woodside, and the parks and streets of our district. I am a strong supporter of Wildcat.”
  • Council Member Mark Treyger, District 47, Brooklyn–“I would like to extend my thanks to Wildcat. Not only do they clear garbage from the streets of our commercial corridors, but their efforts to rid our neighborhoods of unsightly graffiti and spare residents with mobility issues from the inconvenience of electronic waste disposal are greatly appreciated.”
  • Council Member Justin Brannan, District 43, Brooklyn, has worked with Wildcat for years. A 14-person NIP crew cleaned a waterside promenade as well as grassy areas, adjacent lots and parking spaces, removing 50 bags of trash. “The Wildcat team did an amazing job,” said Angelina Dahab, District Manager, District 43. “This was a HUGE job, and your team was so fast and organized.  They did a perfect job as always. We are happy to team up with Wildcat anytime!”