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Transitional Employment

For many of our participants, the right opportunity or second chance can mean everything. Wildcat is fully sensitive and responsive to the range of needs and barriers that our participants come with, such as a lifetime of poverty, reliance on public assistance, homelessness, or criminal justice backgrounds. As such, Wildcat is committed to working in partnership with participants to assess their readiness to work and to ensure they receive the right preparation and build critical skills to prepare them for the path to employment. This may come in the form of focused employment assessments, work readiness training, or transitional employment.
Through temporary and targeted transitional employment opportunities, Wildcat has been a leader in helping individuals with little or no work experience move toward economic stability and promise, providing them with hands-on experience under close supervision. This may translate into a range of job-coaching supports and activities, including:

• learning workplace norms
• developing new job skills
• completing tasks with attention to quality and efficiency
• building positive working relationships with colleagues
• trouble-shooting issues with a supervisor
• finding solutions to workplace challenges
• preparing for competitive employment